Back Yard Studio

The project was approved as an ancillary dwelling to an established heritage listed residence. The design objective was to integrate the proposal into a tight back corner of allotment , knitting in with the existing fabric of the reclaimed convict brick garage whilst providing separate residential functionality, privacy and comfortable amenity . The design had to provide compact liveability whilst also allowing adaptability to various modes -
office, guest quarters , bath house for the main residence and expandable separate dwelling.

A few simple moves ensures the main 21 sq.m living/dining/kitchen/bed room feels spacious and accommodating - glazed walls extend the space out into garden courtyards , the high 4.5m ceiling with generous clerestory sky window provide a luminous interior, integrated kitchenette and storage including tilt-a-way queen size bed, uniform hoop pine detailing and minimalist clean lines settle the eye and expands the space.

Particular attention is afforded to the bathroom featuring frameless glazed walls, to a stone walled garden court and gorgeous outdoor bath. The sky is open through a pergola tracery and the elements can be wholly enjoyed while performing ones most intimate activities within an arbour of privacy, artifice and raw beauty.

Externally western red cedar boards are utilised for batten and board cladding and wall & door screening . Interestingly the finish to all WRC was fire charred by blow torch in the Japanese fashion of 'shou sugi ban' which is renowned for its preservative effects on timber - upwards of 80 years! Fence and gate timber battens and planks are 'Accoya' treated radiata pine. Accoya timber is acetylated wood, heat & pressure treated without preservatives resulting in outstanding durability & dimensional stability. Accoya timber in this project is a test case for our office.



Architect: Paul Jones

Structural Engineers: Phil Wallace - Byron Bay

Energy & Sustainability: Partners Energy - Alstonville

Photography - Greg Saunders

Builder: Owner Built