William Burns House

Heritage Restoration 2022

William Burns House circa 1900 is a locally listed heritage home with an elaborate sandstock brick and Victorian stucco fence. The house was in poor condition and the listed front fence though gorgeous was in a state of terminal decay. With the upgrade of the Byron bypass out front came the opportunity to renew and restore with a reinterpretation of the old heritage front fence as a modern cast concrete and brick sound wall to the front road upgrade. The house then was entirely insulated and reclad, the verandah with bullnosed awning rebuilt and all doors and windows renewed as per heritage guidelines with traditional glazing laminated to clear glass with seals and stops for acoustic performance.

The interiors were remade for modern family life with all details featuring craftmanship, heritage and recovered artifacts all in keeping with a modest but delightful rural vernacular Federation era home.

Project Team

Paul Jones, 
Anna Parramon


Ant Martin – Carpentry
Jamie Steel – Carpentry
Sva Gibson – Carpentry
Designer Woodworks – Windows & Doors
Don Hansen – Joinery
Tom Graham – Joinery


Greg Saunders