Glider House

Residential completed 2018

The architecture will respond to and enhance the physical qualities experienced in approach and arrival to site , the gentle climb through the trees, the view up to the knoll and sky beyond and arrival on a platform outlook and panorama.

Sky and treetops will be home but anchored back to the hillside behind providing shelter and ground. Inside outside living will be encouraged but with opportunity for complete closure.

The architecture will take form  from the upward view of  a sheltering roof suspended against the sky, the platform for living  – a framed structure will be an expansive deck.

The house will function as an almost independent machine, providing on site water harvesting, waste water treatment and solar power capacity. The landscape will be retained and regenerated and managed as a sanctuary.

Project Team

Paul Jones, Tristan Shelley


SJ Reynolds Constructions


Greg Saunders, Philippe Soria